Brown School MSW Curriculum

Our two-year, 60-credit-hour degree provides you with the fundamentals needed to impact the field of social work, while also providing opportunities to advance your analytical, leadership and team-building skills.

Our flexible curriculum includes outstanding research opportunities, real-world learning experiences through practica, and the opportunity to personalize your MSW. If you have earned a BSW from a CSWE-accredited school, you may also be eligible for advanced standing credit.

Required Courses

The list below includes the required courses that you’ll use to build your course of study. Any item in italics represents an opportunity to choose from a variety of courses offered within that category. Because of the flexibility and customization of each MSW degree at the Brown School, the order in which you take your courses may vary.

FOUNDATION 21 credit hours
Research Methods 3
Human Behavior 3
Social Justice and Human Diversity 3
Social, Economic, and Political Environment 3
Social Welfare Policies and Services 3
Social Work Practice with Individuals, Families, and Groups 3
Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities 3
Foundation Practicum 3
Foundation Practicum Integrative Seminar 1
CONCENTRATION* 21 credit hours
Social Policy 3
Theory, Problems, and Issues 3-6
Practice Methods 6-9
Evaluation 3
Leadership and Management 3

*Specific course options vary according to the concentration you pursue.

ELECTIVES** 9 credit hours
Elective I 3
Elective II 3
Elective III 3

**Use your elective credits in year one and year two to earn an optional specialization or to take other graduate coursework. Choose from a wealth of social work and public health electives, or pursue relevant courses from other WashU graduate programs.

Our curriculum emphasizes an evidence-based approached to problem solving. As such, our faculty have found that an understanding of statistics analysis is critical to every student’s success. Your foundations courses will allow you to develop this competency.

 Curriculum and required credit hours are subject to change.